Interior Decorating

Accent Pieces: Painted Furniture

Thrift shoppers and DIY-ers alike will love this idea: transform a room by taking a bland piece of furniture and turning it into a unique accent with a coat of paint.

Interior Painting Tips: Wood Trim

Looking for new ideas to make your wood trim a standout accent? We've got you covered.

Chicago's Best: Blue Door Painting

Don't put it off another year - this season, freshen up your home or office with a new look from Chicago's own Blue Door Painting.

Get Inspired with Spa Colors

Bring the soothing colors of the spa into your home or business with these tips.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Revitalize Your Kitchen with Freshly Painted Cabinets

Do you feel tired of your kitchen cabinets but don’t want to make the large investment in buying new cabinets? Kitchen cabinet painting might just do the trick to breathe new life into your old kitchen! Painting or refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a lower cost alternative to new cabinets and can be finished in much less time and with less disruption to your home. Read More...

How to Use Painted Ceilings for Accent Color in Your Rooms

Do you ever feel like your home needs a dash of big, bold color but feel too afraid to stray from your tried and true neutral tones? Ceiling painting offers a path to subtly introduce bold color without overwhelming your home décor.

Ceiling Painting Tips

Consider painting your ceiling a vibrant, color saturated hue to give you that punch of color while maintaining neutral tones on your walls. Bring the ceiling color back into the room by coordinating with drapes, accent rugs, accent pillows, artwork or colored accent furniture. Make the traditional accent wall a thing of the past! Read More...