Color Consultation

Freshen Up Your Space with Green

Need a little color inspiration? Let our interior design partners at Jasmin Reese Interiors tell you about May's color of the month: green!

Paint Types: What Do They Mean?

Take a look at the ins and outs of paint types and what all the buzzwords mean before you make a purchase.

Spruce Up Your Interior Painting With Pastels

Whether you want to get a jump on summer trends or follow springtime traditions, pastels are the perfect addition to your interior.

Bring Zest to Interior Painting with Yellow

April has come and gone, but the color of the month can have a lasting effect. Yellow, the most cheerful color in the spectrum, oftentimes gets overlooked. But the color has its merits - just ask the pros.

Interior Painting Tips: Wood Trim

Looking for new ideas to make your wood trim a standout accent? We've got you covered.

Chicago's Best: Blue Door Painting

Don't put it off another year - this season, freshen up your home or office with a new look from Chicago's own Blue Door Painting.

Get Inspired with Spa Colors

Bring the soothing colors of the spa into your home or business with these tips.

Colorful Front Door Painting

Increase Curb Appeal with a Uniquely Painted Front Doors

Make a statement with your front door and instantly increase the curb appeal of your home with an easy and low cost color makeover by painting or refinishing your front door. Think beyond traditional hunter green, colonial red, black or tan colors and open the door to a wonderful opportunity to personalize your home and express your unique style.

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